Diversity and Inclusivity

You belong at this craft table.

Because variety is an integral part of creativity, we’re committed to honoring all makers. Whatever your story, you’re welcome here.



“I’m inspired by the history of Black art and the creative community for their courage to share this gift with others.”


“I hope art helps people see my happiness.”



Michaels Production Designer

We believe we’re better together.

To support our amazing Team Members, we’ve launched Michaels Resource Groups.

The mission of these groups is to raise awareness and celebrate our diverse population, promote education about different cultures and communities, eliminate stereotypes, and create a sense of belonging among Team Members.

Asia Connect

Asia Connect is committed to creating and promoting awareness about Asian countries, people and cultures in an effort to dispel prejudices and biases.

Women Inclusion Network (WIN)

WIN strives to provide a network of people who can share experiences, provide support and build lasting relationships.

SALUTE Veterans Resource Group

The mission of SALUTE is to serve as a strategic partner at Michaels, promote a culture of diversity and inclusion, and support our veteran community.

Michaels Pride LGBTQA+

This group contributes to diversity and inclusion efforts at Michaels by increasing awareness and providing a safe and welcoming forum.

Hispanic/Latinx Association of Creative Engaged Resources (HACER)

HACER promotes cultural pride and social understanding of the Hispanic/Latinx community through engagement and Team Member events.

Black Organized Leaders of Diversity (BOLD)

BOLD’s mission is to provide education and awareness about the different cultures of our Team Members and to celebrate diversity throughout the year.

Disability Resource

This group exists to advance awareness and inclusion of people with disabilities at Michaels and support Team Members caring for loved ones with disabilities.

This is Faith!

This MRG recognizes that each individual’s faith story is a critical part of who they are. We are a welcoming, respectful, and nurturing community that provides education, resources, and support to Team Members and Makers of all faiths as well as those that are unaffiliated with a specific faith.

We believe in giving back.

We’re excited to be donating a portion of the proceeds of our community-focused product collections to worthy organizations like MLT.org, Catalyst and Boys & Girls Clubs’ LGBTQ+ Initiative.

Black History Month collection
Women's History Month collection
Pride collection

We’re working with awesome partners.

It’s important to listen to the experts, so we’re working with a number of great organizations to make sure we’re doing our best for our maker community.

Texas Diversity Council

The Texas Diversity Council (TXDC) is committed to fostering a learning environment for organizations to grow and leverage their knowledge of diversity.

Learn more


Catalyst is a global nonprofit working with some of the world’s most powerful CEOs and leading companies to build workplaces that work for women.

Learn more

Open to All

Open to All is a nonprofit nondiscrimination campaign working to build a thriving and inclusive nation where all are welcome. Michaels is a member of the Open to All Leadership Circle.

Learn more

National Diversity & Leadership Conference

The National Diversity & Leadership Conference is an annual gathering of leaders and decision-makers from a variety of industries with the aim of creating workplaces that embrace multiculturalism and diversity.

Learn more

UNT Equity & Diversity Conference

The Equity & Diversity Conference is an annual event hosted by the University of North Texas. The conference brings together hundreds of students, educators and professionals who are committed to equity, access and inclusion.

Learn more

Global Disability Inclusion

Global Disability Inclusion is a team of highly skilled disability inclusion experts with over 75 years of collective experience working with organizations to help them realize the business benefits of disability inclusion.

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Meet our Executive Diversity Council.

Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion extends to the highest levels of our organization. Our Executive Diversity Council helps guide our efforts.

Brynn Evanson

Executive Vice President – Chief Human Resources Officer

Arvind Nathan

SVP-Global Sourcing

Chris Howard

VP – Solution Delivery and Support

Ginger Van Deventer

SVP – Store Operations

Anna White

VP – Communications

Jennifer Wang

VP – Finance

Kevin Updegrove

VP – Talent Management, Inclusion & Diversity

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